Historic documents stolen from Brookfield man's collection

BROOKFIELD (WITI) -- Historical documents signed by some of our nation's most important figures are stolen from a Brookfield man's collection.

Scott Mayer is a proud collector of many things. His office is more like a gallery with framed portraits of family and friends -- even founding fathers, past presidents and business pioneers. But his collection is missing three priceless documents.

Authentic letters signed by three iconic figures in American history are missing (see below). They include partial document signed by President George Washington in 1797, a hand-written note to the War Department by President Abraham Lincoln in 1862, and a 1787 signed, pay order penned by Benjamin Franklin.

While Mayer's company was moving into its new Brookfield offices, his collection was stacked against the wall for several days. When it was finally time to hang up his history, Mayer's heart sank.

Brookfield police are now investigating. They are focusing on the multiple contractors that had overnight, unsupervised access to the office.

Mayer is offering a no-strings-attached $5,000 reward if the stolen items are returned. He estimates the value of the three documents is as much as $50,000.

If you have information that could help Brookfield police solve this case, you're urged to call 262-787-3702.