His act of kindness inspired Franklin police officers to pay it forward after 6-year-old boy's bike stolen

FRANKLIN -- A six-year-old boy's act of kindness towards Franklin police officers inspired them to pay it forward after his bicycle, a birthday gift, was stolen.

Wednesday, December 14th was a perfect day for a bike ride -- inside of course!

Landon Naumann

"I do like my bike. I do remember how to ride, but...it's been a while," Landon Naumann said.

The bicycle six-year-old Landon road around the atrium at FOX6 News was a special one. It was given to him by Franklin police, hours after Landon's bicycle was stolen.

"I like, called my mom and I'm like, 'oh my God. His bike got stolen,'" Landon's mother, Hannah Naumann said.

Franklin Police Chief Rick Oliva

They went to the Franklin Police Department to file a report.

"The officer taking the report recognized the young boy," Rick Oliva, Franklin police chief said.

In fact, young Landon's photograph is posted on the wall.

"They took it upon themselves to put together these treat bags and to bring them in to give to our officers," Chief Oliva said.

Landon Naumann

"They had just said 'it meant a lot to us,'" Hannah Naumann said.

Eight police officers on Wednesday paid it forward -- using their own money to purchase a brand new bicycle for the boy whose thoughtful gesture brought smiles to their faces.

"I thought it was the real bike for a minute, but then I was like 'wait, that's a new bike!'" Landon said.

Landon Naumann

"They decided to pitch in and go out and buy the young man a new bicycle," Chief Oliva said.

These officers went above and beyond to bring some happiness to young Landon this holiday season.

Landon Naumann

"They do so many things, but small stuff like that...they're just a hero in my son's eyes," Hannah Naumann said.

The bike Landon got on Wednesday was actually the exact same kind he had before. The bicycle that was stolen was a birthday gift for the boy in March.