'Hilarious improv, catchy songs, and a  heartfelt story:' Little Black Dress is playing at the Marcus Center

MILWAUKEE -- It's a musical that's perfect for a girls' night out! Actress, writer and producer, Danielle Trzcinsk and actress Jennette Cronk, join FOX6 WakeUp with a preview of "Little Black Dress."

About Little Black Dress (website)

LITTLE BLACK DRESS tells the story of best friends Mandy and Dee. Together we witness the girls' major life events in their little black dresses - first job interview, first date, first awkward sexual experience - which happens more than once - first funeral, and more!

Using hilarious improv, catchy songs, and a  heartfelt story, LITTLE BLACK DRESS has made audiences across the globe laugh, cry, and party!

LITTLE BLACK DRESS is a full original musical with improv - so each show is different every night. The music is intoxicating, the audience improv hysterical, and the sincere moments of heartfelt tenderness meet like never before to create a truly unique night.

* This show contains adult content intended for mature audiences.