High water spilling onto roadways in Ozaukee County

OZAUKEE CO. (WITI) -- The water is rising in Ozaukee County. The Milwaukee River is at  flood stage in Saukville -- that's something at least a couple of drivers learned the hard way.

Paul Krauska, the owner of Eddie's Service, pulled one car from the swollen Milwaukee River on Friday. He says driving over the two-foot-deep water is a good way to wreck your ride.

"Your fresh air intake is on the bottom of the car so it just sucks it right up into the intake and it instantaneously locks your engine and you stall, you're dead," said Krauska.

While the flooded roads are a hassle for humans, the Riveredge Nature Center outside of Saukville says this is good for fish and other animals that call the river home.

"What's gonna be happening is that the rain, the flooding allows nutrients to be brought back into the system, so the organisms in aquatic environment are gonna be using all the leaves and ground material to eating throughout the season," said Amanda Zopp of the Riveredge Nature Center.

As the high waters wash new foods into the river, Krauska hopes no one makes a mistake -- and gets washed away.

"People just wanna see the water go over the road. I don't understand the fascination with it," said Krauska.

The flooded river has directly affected the nature center. Some of its trails are under water. However, officials say there are plenty of other trails on higher ground -- and it will not affect any weekend tours or field trips next week.