High school students teach peers about self-confidence on "No Makeup Day"

NEW LONDON -- Some New London High School students are teaching themselves and their peers a lesson in self-confidence.  Several hundred girls took part in "No Makeup Day".

"It was an idea just to have girls come and show that they are comfortable in their own skin," Cambria Fitzgerald, co-creator of the "True Beauty Campaign" said.

"No Makeup Day" was the idea of three juniors to prove to themselves and others true beauty is more than skin deep.

"Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it, so just because you don't wear makeup or you can't afford nice clothes you can be your own self and be just as beautiful," Jenna Mytton, co-creator of the "True Beauty Campaign" said. 

Self-confidence is something these students say many young girls lack.

"There is a lot of pressure throughout high school and middle school and it really starts in middle school," Fitzgerald said.

"There is society's definition which is skinny and flawless but I don't think there really is a perfect person," Caitlin Schmidt, co-creator of  the "True Beauty Campaign" said.

"I've had problems with self-esteem when I was younger and through this I have learned so much," Mytton said. 

"No Makeup Day" is part of a larger project the teens are calling the "True Beauty Campaign." What started as a school class assignment led to a workshop with middle school students about self-esteem issues.

Other events are also in the works. More than 200 girls pledged not to wear makeup to school Thursday, November 15th, and more than 100 boys pledged to support their efforts. 

"Girls have to be comfortable with themselves and just be confident," New London High School junior Brett Handschke said.

"I felt like if other people can do it I can do it too, it's not that big of a deal it's just makeup," New London High School sophomore Grace Mroczynski said.

The students wore stickers, bracelets and T-shirts which the girls are selling to fund future events.

"I think all of them feel a little bit more of a sense of community here, doing this together, even freshmen through seniors," Enterprise Marketing teacher Missy Porath said.

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