High rates of women smoking while pregnant in Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE -- It's a statistic that will shock you, and Wisconsin holds the title. More women in Wisconsin drink and smoke while pregnant than in any other state, and the problem is the worst in the southeast corner of the state.

The consequences of smoking and drinking while pregnant can be deadly. Now, a program called First Breath is hoping it can help tackle the problem. So far, first breath has worked with 11 thousand women and has help four thousand of them quit smoking.

First Breath uses support and treatment options for pregnant women who either need to quit drinking or smoking. They also provide a variety of facts and information regarding the health of an unborn child whose mother smokes or drinks during pregnancy.

The Wisconsin's Women's Health Foundation is starting a new quit smoking project later this year, which will provide financial incentives for pregnant women who wish to quit smoking.

Enrollment for that project has not begun, however, First Breath is available today.

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