Hershey fills student's car with thousands of Kit Kat bars after his was stolen

MANHATTAN, KS -- It is National Candy Day, November 4th -- and one Kansas State University student is celebrating in a big way.

According to FOX43, earlier in the week, Hunter Jobbins had his car broken into after leaving it unlocked. The only thing that was missing from his car was his Kit Kat bar -- and in its place was an apology note.

The note was posted to Twitter, and quickly caught the attention of the Hershey Company, with Kit Kat's Twitter account promising to make this silly incident right.

Kit Kat kept to their promise, in fact Kit Kat stuffed Hunter's car with 6,500 candy bars!

Don't worry, it looks like he shared with some of his fellow students on campus.

You rock, Kit Kat!