Herman Cain holds fundraising luncheon at Milwaukee Athletic Club

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain was in Milwaukee Monday for a fundraising luncheon at the Milwaukee Athletic Club, before hopping on his bus and heading to Green Bay another fundraising event at the Packers/Vikings game at Lambeau Field Monday night.

Cain has been in the news of late due to several sexual harassment claims brought against him, but Cain has said he's not letting that distract him from his campaign for president.

One of those happiest to see Cain in Milwaukee on Monday was Stanley Cain - Herman's first cousin who lives in Milwaukee.

"It is mind blowing. I still haven't gotten over the fact that we have a first cousin who's running for president, and we just want to see how things will continue to go. We're down here just for support, and to see him say 'hello,'" Stanley Cain said.

For a chance to talk with Cain, supporters paid anywhere from $500 to $999. The $999 is a reference to Cain's nine-percent tax plan. Cain went into Monday's event without talking with the media, and the media was also not allowed inside the luncheon, where 50 to 60 people heard Cain talk about his economic plan.

Cain's Campaign Chief Mark Block echoes the fact that they are not letting the sexual harassment allegations allow them to lose focus.

"It's easy (to stay on track) because the message of 999 is resonating all across the country, especially in Wisconsin," Block said.