Here are some of the best Black Friday shopping tools

The secret way you can search Facebook for promo codes and deals! Plus, the holiday shopping tools you need to know about!

Holiday shopping season is upon us, that means it’s time for the tools that will help us nab the best possible deals in store and online!

Whether you shop in store or online, you want the best deal on what you’re buying, right?

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Below, I’m showing you some of the best apps and websites that can help you with all of your holiday shopping!

First up, the Shopsavvy Barcode Scanner app!

Just aim it at a UPC and it compares prices from over 5,000 stores including Walmart, Amazon, Target and more.

You can save your favorites to get notified of price drops.

Google has a new price tracking tool, just search for the item you want on Google, tap shopping, then the item and turn on the toggle next to "track price."

"It's kind of similar to tracking prices on say Google Flights and it's going to give you an alert via text message or email whenever that price drops and so you can purchase it at its lowest possible price," said Justin Burr with Google.

Here’s a super secret way to find deals from your favorite brands on Facebook.

Just search the Ad Library at

You’ll see all the active ads a brand is running, along with any promo codes and links to special offers.

Finally, for handpicked deals, check out DealNews.

The site has a feed of their latest finds, using historical sale data, editors explain why something is a deal.

"They hunt down the best deals and when they find something they lost check with our archives to basically make sure it's the best price we've ever seen and then they list it," explained Julie Ramhold, Senior Staff Writer at DealNews.

Don’t forget to check out their Black Friday picks!

"If you have an item in mind and you see the ideal price that you're good with paying and that's what you're looking for on Black Friday, just go ahead and get it. If you wait it could be out of stock and there's no guarantee it'll return for Cyber Monday," said Ramhold.