'He'll feel my presence:' Family prays for Mitchell Airport worker, on a ventilator due to COVID-19

WEST ALLIS -- With a Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport employee fighting for his life -- on a ventilator at a West Allis hospital as a result of the coronavirus, loved ones used their voices in an effort to reach him Wednesday -- while practicing social distancing.

The Govan family asked hospital officials if they could simply pray outside, and officials agreed, provided they kept their distance, and stayed with their family members.

Shamicka Govan said two things brought her to her husband more than 20 years ago.

Shamicka and Toran Govan

Shamicka Govan

"His faith," said Govan. "I'm a singer, he's a musician, so we connected."

Her faith and voice brought her to West Allis Wednesday -- her husband not physically by her side.

"I believe it's our faith and prayer that's getting us through this," said Govan.

Toran Govan's last day at Mitchell Airport was March 26 -- working for Interflight Parking. Days later, he tested positive for the coronavirus.

"I brought him into the ER and he's been here ever since," said Shamicka Govan.

Toran Govan

While she was unable to be in his room on Wednesday, she stood below it, using her voice to reach her husband.

"Me being here on the hospital's property, I feel like he'll feel my presence," said Govan. "It's hard. My heart aches, but I stay prayerful."

Shamicka Govan said she believes the very things that brought her and her husband together will be what gets them through.

Shamicka Govan

"I believe he's going to be a miracle," said Shamicka Govan. "I believe he will walk out of this hospital. I believe once he walks out, he will be stronger."

As of Wednesday, Govan was the only positive test among Mitchell Airport workers. While he wasn't able to look out his window to see his loved ones Wednesday, hospital staff shared that they were able to set up an iPad for him in his room so he could hear and see them.