Heavy rains flood parts of Jefferson, Walworth Cos.

WALWORTH CO. (WITI) -- Gov. Scott Walker declared a state of emergency for seven counties in southwestern Wisconsin on Wednesday, June 26th. But parts of Jefferson and Walworth Counties are also dealing with flooding conditions.

Relatively short bouts of heavy rain brought more than four feet of water to some yards in southeast Wisconsin. Most of the water is gone now. But that's largely because homeowners have been pumping water and cleaning up for two days straight.

Gerald Zomer and his neighbors have been using pumps and hoses to try to dry up their yards. All the rain is swamping yards and finding its way into basements. Zomer says once it's all pumped away, another short burst of rain means it's back to square one.

The heavy rain has been a problem seen for communities like Darien and their public works departments. Huge puddles block some lanes in roadways. That means crews have to be out moving the water, clearing sewer grates from debris, and doing everything they can to reduce the flooding.