Heavy rain causes some sewage backups in Bayside

BAYSIDE (WITI) -- Constant rainfall has caused several problems including sewage backups, road closures and detours in part of Milwaukee County's North Shore.

Village workers in Bayside spent most of the day Thursday, April 18th assembling pumps to drain one sewer into another. A portion of Brown Deer Road was also shut down due to safety concerns.

"It's just one of those projects that's a little bit time consuming to figure out what the problem is and rectify it," said Bayside Village Manager Andy Pederson.

The city of Milwaukee has also reported multiple backups from flooded sewers. Several roads have been closed due to the overflow. Mayor Tom Barrett and City Engineer Jeff Polenske are urging residents to be "good neighbors" as the rain continues to fall.

"Try to minimize the amount of water you're using to make sure there's available capacity to handle the storm water that's getting into the sanitary system," cautioned Polenske.

The Village of Bayside is also advising residents to keep an eye on their own drains to make sure no overgrown grass or debris is blocking the way.