HEARTWARMING: After a really tough year, family comes together to create Christmas surprise for Mom

A wonderful Christmas surprise for a mother who had a pretty rough year.

Breanne Esplana's mother lost both of her parents in 2013. Right before Christmas 2012, Breanne Esplana's grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer. She passed away in the summer of 2013. Breanne Esplana's grandfather died in April 2013.

Collecting Christmas ornaments was a family tradition -- and Breanne Esplana's mother treasured the ornaments. Unfortunately though, they were stolen from the family's storage unit.

Losing both of her parents in the same year made this theft even more difficult for Breanne Esplana's mother. These were the memories she had created with her parents who are no longer here.

Breanne Esplana decided to employ the whole family in her effort to brighten her mother's spirits this holiday season.