'Heartbreaking for everybody:' Unique teal 'Diamond Jim's' race truck stolen from 27th and College

MILWAUKEE -- An irreplaceable truck was stolen from a father and son race car team. The teal "Diamond Jim's" race truck was taken from the area near 27th Street and College Avenue, where it was parked, across the street from the Diamond Jim's auto lot.

"Heartbreaking," said Turk Letizia. "Heartbreaking for everybody."

The truck has been part of the Letizia family for 26 years.

Diamond Jim's

"Everybody's seen it," said Letizia. "Everybody loves it."

It was used to help the father and son race car duo get to and from events before it disappeared.

Turk Letizia

"It's stolen," said Letizia. "We have the keys here. No broken glass. No clues yet, but a truck that distinguished will be hopefully found pretty soon."

Diamond Jim Letizia bought the truck in 1993. The dually has an unforgettable look and sound.

"To be stolen right off of 27th Street is heartbreaking," said Letizia. "There's a lot of traffic, and I hope it shows up unharmed, but my gut tells me otherwise."

Letizia said the truck served as a sort of good luck charm for him and his father.

"His pride and joy that he's had since day one is missing in action," said Letizia.

Diamond Jim's

They filed a police report and asked the public to keep an eye out in hopes that the racing duo would soon be able to get back to focusing on what's important.

"If you see it, please call police," said Letizia. "Get us our truck back. We want our old dually back."

If you know anything about the theft of the 1993 GMC Sierra or where it might be, please contact police.