Health coverage questions swirl around Affordable Care Act

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Health coverage questions swirl around the Affordable Care Act as we enter the new year. While that unfolds, two of Wisconsin's top lawmakers are weighing in on the process.

More than 7,200 people in Wisconsin have reportedly signed up for new health plans on For others, open enrollment continues until the end of March.

Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin says she sees progress in the sign-up process.

"I'm pleased that there have been considerable improvements especially as consumers interact with the web site, it still appears from reports that there are some problems -- not necessarily that the consumer will see, but that the insurer will see, and they still need to be worked out," said Sen. Baldwin.

But Republican Rep. Tom Petri says his office continues to take questions from people worried they'll lose their coverage.

"They're having cancellations in their policies because what they decided to buy isn't in compliance with the new requirements are," said Rep. Petri.

Meanwhile, Gov. Scott Walker and the state Legislature have delayed the transition that some 70,000 poor and disabled people will be making from BadgerCare to the insurance exchanges.

Both Baldwin and Petri say they want to see the problems fixed and the political fighting nixed in the new year.

"There's been too many trying to score political points as though this were a game.  It's not.  It's about people's health and access to affordable coverage," said Sen. Baldwin.

"If we can get rid of some of the partisan politics and finger pointing...finger pointing is not going to get anyone any insurance.  That's what's been going on," said Rep. Petri.

According to the Sec. of Health and Human Services, starting on Wednesday, January 1st, more than two million people will be getting new insurance across the country. That's less than half way to the Obama administration's goal of having seven million people signed up by March 31, 2014.