Heads up Wisconsin drivers: It is now illegal to be on your cell phone in a work zone

MILWAUKEE -- Heads up drivers, literally! Beginning Saturday, October 1st, a new law is making it illegal to talk on a hand-held mobile device while driving through a construction zone.

The new law went into effect across the entire state of Wisconsin.

When driving past the orange cones, you cannot text, talk, navigate, or anything else while behind the wheel. If you're caught, the first offense is a $40 fine.

Wisconsin State Troopers say they just want to get the word out on the new rule.

"Distracted driving is probably the biggest issue we have that causes crashes. Speed is a factor but speed in itself really doesn't cause a crash, it's the person not paying attention," said Wisconsin State Trooper Matthew Noah.

While you may not be able to pick up your phone in work zones, hands-free Bluetooth devices are OK.

Giving undivided attention to the road: