"He got life:" Groom arrested on his wedding day in the UK, but it was all in good fun!

ISLES OF SCILLY -- Imagine being arrested on your wedding day! It happened for a groom who got married on the Isle of Scilly -- but fortunately for the groom, it was all just a harmless joke. Photos of the incident have gone viral.

The Daily Mail reports the photo showing Alistair Robinson being led away by an officer for "wasting police time" has garnered more than 5,000 "likes" on Facebook.

Apparently, Robinson asked officers with the island's tiny police force to be a part of his wedding to Sara, his partner of six years after following the police department's antics on social media.

On their Facebook page, Isles of Scilly Police said: "He didn't actually specify why he wanted us (at his wedding), or what role he wanted us to have, so we reverted to type and arrested him on a trumped up charge of "Wasting Police Time" as he left the church. It will be the joy on his bride's face as he was lead off in cuffs that will hurt him the most. He got life."

Luckily for Robinson, he wasn't forced to spend his wedding night behind bars. He was released soon after his "arrest."

Photographer Chris Hall captured the moment where police took Alistair away in handcuffs with his bride on the side laughing.

"I was very surprised. I knew that something was going to happen, and that Alistair had been in contact with the police, but no idea what they were going to do," Alistair Robinson's wife, Sara told the Daily Mail.