"He died over a stray bullet:" Family demands justice after 6-year-old boy dies after shooting near 23rd and Nash

Justin Evans Jr. (PHOTO: Angel Lewis)

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are investigating after a six-year-old boy was shot outside of his grandmother's home near 23rd and Nash Saturday evening, July 22nd. He died at the hospital, and his family is now begging for answers.

The family of Justin Evans Jr. gathered Sunday with community activists to call for an end to the violence, and demand that the killer turn themselves in.

A message on the Go Fund Me account established to raise money for Evans Jr.'s funeral and burial reads as follows:

On July 22nd, 2017, my nephew was gunned down on the 3600 block of N23rd st his name was Justin Evans Jr and 6years old. He came over with siblings to visit their grandmother until Justin and his stepdad went fishing. My nephew never made it fishing. My nephew ran to tell his mom he was leaving when shots rang there were lots of children and residence outside. After the shots my sister in law carried her child and rush him to the nearest hospital, he later died due to his injuries. My nephew was so excited to go fishing that day he just caught his first fish Wednesday!My nephew loved sports, fishing,being a big brother and simply a loving soul. Someone has taken that loving soul and we are asking for any donations towards his memorial and burial cost. My nephew was so excited to start school again☹️

Watch: The below video shows Justin Evans Jr. singing to his brother. It was shared with FOX6 News by Evans Jr.'s aunt, Angel Lewis:

Justice for Justin Evans Jr.

Evans Jr.'s aunt spoke out on Sunday, indicating the boy was trying to say goodbye to his family before heading out on that fishing trip to Green Bay Saturday when he was shot in the chest.

"He never made it to the door. A gun rang out, and he was shot. Six years old -- his life was taken, over senseless crime. He died over a stray bullet. Whoever did this, our family is simply asking for justice," Angel Lewis, Evans Jr.'s aunt said.

"All he wanted to do was go fishing. That's it. It could've been any one of these kids, because all the kids were outside," Solomon Love, Evans Jr.'s cousin said.

Solomon Love

Love said he was standing on the porch when Evans Jr. ran to say goodbye to his family, and bullets came flying in their direction.

"Next thing you know I'm running, grabbing kids and trying to get kids on the floor," Love said.

Love said he rushed Evans Jr. to the hospital, but he was gone.

"I don't understand how we were preparing to go fishing and now we're preparing for a funeral," Love said.

The family and others gathered Sunday for a "stop the violence" rally. Community activist Tory Lowe hosted a "canvass the neighborhood" event, and neighbors knocked on doors and encouraged those who saw what happened Saturday night to come forward with any information that could help police.

Memorial for Justin Evans Jr.

Neighbors told FOX6 News they heard at least 10 gunshots Saturday night.

"Whoever you guys were shooting at, whatever the animosity was, it wasn't over my nephew. You woke up this morning -- how did you feel to know that you killed a six-year-old boy? You aimed. You tried to shoot, but you didn't shoot the right person. So how do you feel? My nephew don't have a future anymore. My nephew loved sports. He just caught his biggest fish. He thought it was a shark. He was so excited to go back -- that's why he was going back fishing (Saturday). He didn't make it. Why? Because of the Milwaukee violence -- black-on-black violence. For what? For no reason. It was just pointless. Now my sister and my brother and our whole family is mourning the loss of a six-year-old boy. He just graduated K-5. He had plans. He had dreams. He wasn't a bad kid. He wasn't a snot nose, runny kid that was trained bad. He was well-mannered. He was loved. Y'all took him from his parents. All we asking is for justice," Lewis said.

Watch: The below Snapchat video shows Justin Evans Jr. giggling and having fun with family. It was shared with FOX6 News by Evans Jr.'s aunt, Angel Lewis:


Milwaukee police are working to identify suspects, as the boy's family pleads for those responsible to turn themselves in.

"Imagine that was my son or your son out there. I really just want this black-on-black crime to stop. You really don't win anything when a baby dies," said James Brown, the boy's uncle.

"If you are the person that took my nephew's life, imagine the hurt and pain that you put him through. A bullet in his body. A six-year-old. If you can live with yourself, it's a cold world. All we're asking for is justice for Justin. We didn't ask for this. We didn't want this. Now we have to go through this. We want the killer to stand up and own up to his mistakes. Killing Justin in a residential area where there's lots of kids. Could've been anybody. Bullets flying off of houses. Lots of kids out here. No remorse. What do we have to do? I'm tired of it," Lewis said.

The medical examiner said an autopsy will be performed on Monday, July 24th.

6-year-old boy fatally shot near 23rd and Nash

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