"He did this to hurt women:" Man charged after 3 sexual assaults in 3 days-- 1 victim was a poll worker

MILWAUKEE -- Police say he told them he wanted to hurt women. A man accused of attacking and raping three women -- including a poll worker on November 8th, has been criminally charged. The alleged incidents were violent, random attacks. Women were grabbed while walking near the busy intersection of 76th and Good Hope.

Jonathan Brown

The accused is 21-year-old Jonathan Brown. He is facing six counts of second degree sexual assault.

According to the criminal complaint, the attacks started on election day -- Tuesday, November 8th. Two of the incidents happened that day -- the third, three days later. Each happened within a mile of each other on N. 76th Street.

The first victim, a poll worker, was walking to her polling place on November 8th when Brown allegedly grabbed her by the hair and covered her mouth with his hand. The complaint indicates the victim "began to struggle with Brown until he put an hard object in her back and told her he would kill her."

Following the sexual assault, the victim ran to the polling location and called police.

Sexual assault near Milwaukee Sign Language School

Another woman was attacked not far away that same day -- just over 12 hours later.

Sexual assault investigation near 76th and Hustis

According to the criminal complaint, the victim was walking home from work when Brown grabbed her in a choke hold and dragged her behind a nearby building. During the attack, Brown allegedly told the woman he would kill her if she looked at him or tried to run away.

Three days later, Brown is accused following a 17-year-old girl home from work and sexually assaulting her.

According to the complaint, the victim was walking home from work in the evening when Brown grabbed her from the sidewalk at gunpoint -- and dragged her into a field. Brown allegedly assaulted the girl at gunpoint for about a half-hour, hitting her in the face with a closed fist and choking her.

Field near 76th and Good Hope Rd., Milwaukee

"So disturbing. It's unspeakable what he did. I won't speak what he did, but he left her in a field for dead," the 17-year-old victim's mother told FOX6 News.

The young woman managed to flag down a vehicle and was taken to a hospital by Good Samaritans.

Mother of 17-year-old sexual assault victim

Her mother told FOX6 News now that Brown is charged, she is praying for him and his family.

"It's disturbing. I really haven't slept. I'm a nervous wreck. I think I'm more upset than she is because she's in shock. He took her womanhood away from her. He did something she wasn't ready for. He did a lot," the victim's mother said.

During an interview with investigators, Brown admitted to sexually assaulting all three victims.

According to the criminal complaint, he told authorities that the two assaults on November 8th occurred after he tried to talk to the women and they "went about their business" and "did not want to talk to him."

Jonathan Brown

With regard to the 17-year-old girl, Brown stated that they didn't talk -- "he just followed her and took her."

According to the complaint, Brown "stated he did these sexual assaults because he was angry about his mother dying when he was five (he is currently 21). The defendant admitted he did this to hurt females."

Brown made his initial appearance in court in this case on November 17th. Probable cause was found for further proceedings in this case. A preliminary hearing was scheduled for November 28th. Cash bond was set at $500,000.