"Hazardous material" removed from home in Oshkosh, but police aren't saying what it was

OSHKOSH (WITI) -- Police say some sort of hazardous material was discovered in a home in Oshkosh on Friday afternoon, October 31st, but exactly what was inside the home is still unknown.

The FBI is helping with the investigation that centers around a home at the corner of Frederick Street and West Lincoln Avenue in Oshkosh.

People living in the area say police were everywhere Friday afternoon.

"We saw (people in) hazmat suits walking down the street. There were three down on our block," Shane Samida said.

Oshkosh police declined to identify the material found in the home and removed, but they did say there was no threat to the public.

"If there was something that the neighborhood needed to know, we would let them know -- if it was a safety factor," Joe Nichols with the Oshkosh Police Department said.

Samida says police told him to stay inside his home Friday afternoon as they started blocking off streets.

"It was almost like daylight at like midnight. This whole block was all lit up. The house was lit up," Samida said.

The investigation continued for several hours Friday night, and police and the FBI remained on the scene Saturday.

"I've never seen cars parked there. I've never seen anybody come in or out of that house," Samida said.

The police aren't saying much, and that has some neighbors worried.

"It was just kind of a scary sight because of everything that had been going on," Neil Hebert said.

Police have arrested a 21-year-old Oshkosh man for recklessly endangering safety.

The FBI is said to be analyzing the hazardous material found in the home.

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