Haven't voted in a while? You may get a postcard from the State of Wisconsin

MADISON -- The State of Wisconsin recently mailed postcards to nearly 100,000 registered voters who have not voted in the past four years.

The postcard is titled “Notice of Suspension,” and asks voters who have not participated in an election in the past four years whether they want to remain active on the state’s voter list. If they do, voters have one month to mail a return postcard to their municipal clerk. Voters will be marked as inactive on the list if they do not respond, or if the postcard is returned as undeliverable by the Post Office.

Example of postcard GAB is sending to those who have not voted in last four years

“This is an official mailing, not a scam,” said Kevin Kennedy, Wisconsin’s chief elections official in a news release. “We are required by law to remove inactive voters from the statewide voter list, and this is just one of many steps we take to ensure the integrity of voting in Wisconsin.”

Voters who changed their name or address should not return the postcard. Instead they must re-register under their name or at their new address. Voters can register by mail or at the clerk’s office up to 20 days before an election or at the polling place on Election Day. Voters can start the registration process online at the MyVote Wisconsin website.

If you receive a postcard but believe you voted in Wisconsin in the past four years, please contact your local municipal clerk, who is responsible for recording who voted in an election. A directory of municipal clerks is available on the Government Accountability Board’s website.

Wisconsin has approximately 3.4 million registered voters. The G.A.B. works continuously with Wisconsin’s 1,853 municipal clerks to keep the Statewide Voter Registration System current.