Hastings sentenced to 12 years in prison for fatal hit-and-run crash

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- 48-year-old Edwood Hastings was sentenced on Tuesday, November 26th to 12 years in prison and an additional ten years extended supervision. He pleaded no contest in September to charges in a hit-and-run crash that left Andrea Barringer dead on the Milwaukee’s east side.

On Tuesday, the family of Barringer gathered in court to learn Hastings' fate.

Barbara Tyree told the court about her daughter, Andrea, as she sat just a few feet from Hastings, the man responsible for Andrea's death.

"She had the most wonderful, infectious, bubbly laugh. And I know this is a cliché, but Andrea absolutely lit up a room with her energy and smile," said Tyree.

On August 11th, Barringer was with a group of friends on Milwaukee's east side. After leaving the Comet Cafe, Barringer was hit by an SUV witnesses say was speeding. She died at the scene while the driver fled.

Hastings later turned himself in to police. On Tuesday, he apologized to Barringer's family.

"It was an accident, I am so sorry I took something from that family that I can't give back. Honestly, I'd share my two daughters with them to try to make this better," said Hastings.

Hastings also asked the judge to show mercy.

"Throwing me in jail for a long time is not gonna make me a better person. For the four months I've been in here, I know what it's like to be locked up 23 hours a day every day," said Hastings.

Barringer's family however, reminded the court Hastings had been in jail because he struck a woman and left her to die.

"Andrea often spoke of marriage and children. She was engaged to be married the week before she was killed and she was close to completing her master's degree. She was happy," said Tyree.

After the judge handed down the 12-year sentence, tears flowed from the eyes of both Barringer's and Hastings' relatives.

Once Hastings is out of prison, he won't be allowed to drive while under extended supervision.

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