Harley fans can get a 110th Anniversary tattoo for free

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Fans of Harley-Davidson will do almost anything to prove their love for the brand, including permanently inking their skin with tribute tattoos.

"That's my Harley. They drew it exactly to my bike," said Danny Helms.

Those who want a permanent reminder of the 110th Anniversary are visiting Milwaukee Ink, just below the Harley gift shop. Loyal riders like Laura Share of Rochester, New York stopped in the parlor with one thing in mind.

"When I saw this was happening I was like 'I have to, I have to get it,'" said Share of the Harley shield. "It says Harley-Davidson and then Milwaukee 110. I want to eventually make this into a whole sleeve-type thing."

Katrina Parsons and her new husband, Shaun, changed their wedding date to attend the big event. Katrina says her brand new ink is a reminder of their first happy days as man and wife.

"We just got married last Saturday. This is our honeymoon," said Parsons. "Our wedding tattoo will come later."

Milwaukee Ink says there have been lines out the door with people searching for the perfect Harley-Davidson tattoo. The shop is even inking for free between the hours of noon and 2 p.m. if you get a specific 110th Anniversary tattoo.

Dozens of enthusiasts have already taken advantage of the offer.