Harley-Davidson plants 110 trees in Menomonee Valley

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Workers from Harley-Davidson planted the last two of 110 trees in Milwaukee's Menomonee Valley on Thursday, July 11th. It's a way for the motorcycle maker to give back to the community -- and commemorate its 110th anniversary.

"I had some relatives that used to work for the Milwaukee Railroad in this spot. Arthur Davidson and Bill Harley, his good friend, worked for the Milwaukee Railroad. So to think back to that time period -- and now myself planting these trees to commemorate 110 years. It's very exciting," said Bill Davidson, great-grandson of the motorcycle company founder.

The trees will be part of "Three Bridges Park," a new 24-acre park being developing in the area by the Urban Ecology Center and the group, "Menomonee Valley Partners."