Harley-Davidson dogs ride in style with their beloved owners 'just to make people smile'

GREENFIELD -- Morning rain on Saturday, Sept. 1 didn't hamper another day of partying all over southeast Wisconsin for Harley-Davidson riders. The 115th anniversary celebration is in full throttle.

At the House of Harley-Davidson, riders are showing off their bikes but the motorcycles aren't the only things turning heads.

"Mostly we ride just to make people smile," said Jim Tremmel, Harley rider.

It's the people or animals on them.

"Started her at nine weeks old and she's eight years old now," said Tremmel.

Molly is Jim Tremmel's trusty companion. Whenever he's on his Harley, so is she.

Jim Tremmel

"She just won't let me take the bike out without her. She just whines." Tremmel said.

The German Shepard has a water bowl, keeps cool on an ice pack and her eyes are protected from the elements with pink goggles.

"People of all ages, they just love Molly," Tremmel said.

People take photos while Molly poses for the camera.

"I'm just Molly's personal chauffeur," said Tremmel.

Molly is not the only Harley rider with four legs. Steve Hallman's dog, Lizzy, begs to get on the bike.

"She just enjoys riding. We were leaving today, she was putting up a fit and we had to take her," said Steve Hallman, Pewaukee.

It may look like an unusual pairing but Hallman wouldn't have it any other way.

"Big tough guy with all the tattoos and he's carrying around a little seven-pound dog," Hallman said.

Lizzy's been riding since she was a puppy.

Steve Hallman and his dog, Lizzy

"She's a Pomeranian Chihuahua and she gets mad if we don't take her on the bike and she loves to ride," Hallman said.

It's a common trait around the celebration; it doesn't matter the demographic because Harley riders love the wind in their hair and the road ahead.

"It's a great thing," Hallman said.

On top of all the festivities, riders are excited for Harley-Davidson's 115th Anniversary Parade, -- with some participating, others watching.

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