Hardware stores, road crews prepare for freezing rain advisory

WAUKESHA (WITI) -- With a freezing rain advisory in effect for most of southeastern Wisconsin Thursday night, December 19th, road crews are working to stay ahead of the system.

Steve Dziekan with the City of Waukesha says his crews are prepared, loading 36 trucks with 10 tons of salt each.

"I'm going to safely say they are going to go through two loads a piece," said Dziekan. "Ice is a lot more challenging. You can talk to any one of the drivers, or anyone who plows snow. They'd rather take a foot of snow over a tenth of an inch of ice."

The possibility of more bad weather is also causing a bit of a hustle and bustle at Tomchek Ace Hardware in Waukesha.

"I love this stuff, it's incredible. I like helping the people, getting the salt they need, and the shovels," said Mike Tomchek. "Every man, woman and child are all coming in to get their own bag of salt."

Both hardware stores and road crews are keeping an eye on Sunday's weather as that could bring the next significant snowfall.