Happy New Year Fekeroodies!

To My Dearest Friends and Fekeroodies,

I have made it my mission to enhance the flavors of your life through my love for food. To me, food is more than a combination of ingredients; it is about creating tantalizing flavors, textures and aromas that will awe and inspire your taste buds.

I ask that you join me in 2012 as we explore new flavors and help me pave the way for an enticing and exciting new culinary journey. Tell me what you wish to explore: the colors, flavors, aromas and textures that are heartwarming and soul feeding to you. Together we shall make 2012 a year of culinary adventure and illumination.

My New Years dinner specials were inspired by the Mediterranean & Italian traditions of welcoming the new year with a fabulous feast of seafood and lamb as their centerpiece. I know how some of you may wish to enjoy these flavors the night before New Years Eve, so I will be serving these flavorful masterpieces starting on Friday Dec 30th.

Thank you for an amazing year and know that I, along with my team at IL MITO are grateful for your continued support. Wishing you all a safe, healthy and flavorful New Year, Chef Michael Feker

Please drool responsibly:
Grilled Hawaiian Walu King White Tuna with a sun-dried tomato and Moroccan olive crust, atop an aromatic pesto, served with caramelized Brussels sprouts and caramelized butternut squash.

Roasted Rack of organically-raised, local Lamb, drizzled with a minty Syrah reduction, served with cranberry risotto cakes and a French-style watercress and bacon salad.

Fresh, homemade black and white pasta tossed with shrimp, dry pack bay scallops and lobster in a creamy saffron sauce.