Happen to be looking for a 1941 Sherman Tank? There's one for sale on Good Hope Road!

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- There is a World War II TANK parked on Good Hope Road, and drivers are doing a double take. The tank...is for sale!

You can find the tank at Harry Kaufmann Motorcars at 57th and Good Hope.

The tank's owner says it is a 1941 Sherman Tank.

The tank is absolutely huge, and its gas mileage is reportedly terrible. It takes five gallons to go one mile!

The tank's owner says the tank runs, and the turret works.

"We don't pressure anyone.  You want to bring your kids and show 'em the tank?  Bring your kids and show 'em fun cars?  We were all kids once and some of us still are kids," Harry Kaufmann said.

Kaufmann says the tank will ruin asphalt, and it's illegal to drive it on the street.

So if you buy it, they'll ship it to your door.