Hands on with Apple’s updates to iPad Pro, Mac Mini and MacBook Air

Apple revamped several products at an event in Brooklyn, New York, including the Mac Mini and MacBook Air. But the product with the most drastic makeover? The iPad Pro.

Brooklyn, New York – It’s been 8 years since the original iPad was launched, and at an event at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Apple gave the device its biggest makeover yet.

Two big changes on the top of the line iPad Pro.

First, you’ll notice there is no more home button, so the screen stretches all the way to the edges.

There are still two models, one with an 11-inch screen, the other with a 12.9-inch screen. There is no more headphone jack on either.

Another major difference: Apple has ditched the lightning jack on the in favor of the more standard USB-C connection. This means you’ll be able to attach more accessories, but you’ll need to use a different charging cable than the iPhone, at least for now.

One cool benefit of this new setup: with the right cable, you can now use the iPad Pro to charge an iPhone.

The devices are thinner than ever, weigh less than you would think and with the improved processing power and software, let you accomplish more work.

You can add an Apple Pencil to get creative or the keyboard cover for emails and spreadsheets.

The Apple Pencil is also improved. It’s now magnetic and attaches right to the side of the iPad. When it does, it is wirelessly charging. It also costs $130 now, $30 more than before.

Apple also refreshed the Mac Mini, which was last updated nearly 4 years ago!

They also improved the MacBook Air by adding a high-quality Retina display and a fingerprint reader to unlock it. In a nod to the environment, it’s now made from 100% recycled aluminum using a special alloy material Apple devised.

One downside: both new computers come with higher price tags. The Mac Mini starts at $800, while the MacBook Air starts at $1200.

As for the new iPad Pro models – they start at $800, but if you max them out with the top of the line specs – including cellular and 1 terabyte of storage – you’re looking at $1900!

The new models are in stores November 7.