Handicap-accessible van that was stolen is recovered

MILWAUKEE -- A family-owned transportation company in Brown Deer had a third of its handicapped-accessible fleet stolen on Wednesday, November 28th. On Friday morning, the van was found.

One of the company's drivers was on his way to visit his grandmother when he spotted the maroon Dodge Caravan with a fair amount of damage. The battery was dead, back window shattered, and it appeared the thief had scraped against something on the driver's side.

"The police wanted to dust for fingerprints," said Juanita Nash.

Evidence of the search was still on the van and the magnetic R-Legacy logo was gone -- leaving behind a faint outline.

Over the past two days, the family had assumed the worst for the van and their company.

"The vehicle pretty much probably was gone and we'd never see it or either it was totaled, totaled out so we're just really glad to have it back," said Douglas Nash.

The Nash family doesn't have an estimate as to when the van will be back in service. But considering it was found just two days after it was stolen -- and it was in running condition -- they're happy just having it in the parking lot.

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