Hamilton family wants change within MPD; has private meeting with Mayor Barrett

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Dontre Hamilton's family members and supporters on Tuesday evening, December 9th marched from Red Arrow Park to City Hall, where they demanded a meeting with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. On Wednesday, December 10th, Dontre Hamilton's brother, Nate and Curtis Sails, who has organized the "Coalition for Justice" met privately with Mayor Barrett.

That meeting lasted about 45 minutes. We're told Dontre Hamilton's family wanted the meeting to discuss changes they want to see within the Milwaukee Police Department. In particular, officer training when it comes to crisis intervention situations.

Milwaukee Police Department spokesman Mark Stanmeyer tells FOX6 News the CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) is currently a voluntary program.

CIT training involves a 40-hour course, and CIT members receive training on verbalization skills and dealing with the mentally ill.

The Milwaukee Police Department has 400 members trained in crisis intervention out of 1,300 officers MPD has on the street.

Stanmeyer tells FOX6 News every recruit going through the Police Academy will undergo crisis intervention training, beginning with the latest recruit class sworn in on Monday, December 8th.

Additionally, in spring 2015, Stanmeyer tells FOX6 News every Milwaukee police officer will undergo a 16-hour course that will be a version of crisis intervention training. The entire police department will receive additional training at an in-service in spring 2015.

Stanmeyer says they cannot get the entire department off the street for a full week to complete the full 40 hours of training.

Wednesday's meeting was the Hamilton family's third meeting with Mayor Barrett since the shooting.

"I feel like it was a productive meeting, in terms of us getting the justice that our community deserves.  Dontre Hamilton was shot 14 times in Red Arrow Park, as we all know. That was because we have officers who work for the Milwaukee Police Department who haven’t been properly trained," Sails said.

Mayor Barrett commented on the meeting on Thursday.

"It was a very constructive meeting. It was the third meeting that I have had with him, and I know that we have work to do and we've agreed that we are going to continue working together," Mayor Barrett said.

Dontre Hamilton was shot and killed inside Red Arrow Park last April by Milwaukee Police Officer Christopher Manney. Manney was terminated for his handling of Hamilton that day -- a firing he is appealing.

Meanwhile, Hamilton's family members and supporters continue to await a decision out of the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office as to whether Manney should face criminal charges for the shooting.

The family and supporters have been demonstrating since the shooting. On Tuesday evening, about 100 people marched to City Hall, where protesters entered, demanding a meeting with Mayor Barrett.

Police officers blocked elevators and stairways.

Mayor Barrett was unavailable, and wasn't inside City Hall Tuesday. The Mayor's Office issued this statement Tuesday night:

“Mayor Barrett is not in the building. After an afternoon-long meeting for his infant mortality initiative,  Mayor Barrett went on to his evening commitments.  He has met with those who have gathered at City Hall in the past including members of the Hamilton family.”

Despite that though, protesters remained inside City Hall for about five hours -- until shortly before 9:00 p.m., when the Hamilton family was able to speak with Mayor Barrett over the phone, and he agreed to set up a meeting with them.

Milwaukee police said Tuesday night one protester was arrested for disorderly conduct during the demonstration.

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