Gwen Moore endorses Tom Barrett in gubernatorial recall

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett picked up another endorsement in his bid to take on Governor Scott Walker in the gubernatorial recall election. Congresswoman Gwen Moore of Milwaukee threw her support behind Barret's campaign.

Moore joins Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl and others.

The announcement was made at the Milwaukee Public Market on the eve of "Tax Day."

Barrett criticized Governor Walker, promising to restore "tax fairness" to the state.

"In 2011, immediately after talking office, Governor Walker made it clear who's side he was on in the state of Wisconsin. Sadly for the millions of people who will be filing their individual tax returns tomorrow, those middle income people, low income people, seniors, it became clear right off the bat that he was not on their side," Barrett said.

Barrett also says he will restore collective bargaining rights for most public employees.