Gun reform fails, now gun prices plummet

WAUKESHA (WITI) --  Efforts to ban certain weapons, limit magazine sizes, and implement universal background checks all failed to pass the US senate this week.  However, the bills are making a huge impact, on gun prices.

Prices are plummeting on certain weapons, as gun owners say fear is diminishing they may not be able to purchase the weapons in the future.

"They created an artificial demand.  They created an artificial demand on these guns and that's all they ever accomplished," says Bob Pucci who is running a gun show in Waukesha.

"Prices were sky high.  Now the prices are starting to come down after all of the bills were defeated," Pucci adds.

Lawmakers failed to pass comprehensive gun reform after a three month bipartisan effort to find common ground.  Lawmakers vow the fight for change is not over.

"This is an issue that 90 percent of Wisconsin, and in the whole country, feel very strongly about, and we're going to stay with it," says Paul Geenen of community action.

The grass-roots political group held a rally Saturday, April 20th 2013 in front of Ron Johnson's Milwaukee office.  Senator Johnson voted down changes to gun laws.

"We're undaunted.  We're going to keep working on this.  People are really motivated to make this happen," says Geenan.