Groups encouraged to apply for 'Alert Neighbor Program,' aimed at preventing crime

MILWAUKEE -- There could be big changes in nearly 15 Milwaukee neighborhoods related to safety, thanks to a citywide grant. The hope is adding things like lighting, signage, and cameras will do more than add peace of mind, but also, cut down on crime.

"We try to be deterrents for people. By people seeing us, they may think otherwise when they drive through the neighborhood," said Jim Hiller, Sherman Park Citizen Patrol.

Members of the Sherman Park Citizen Patrol drive through the neighborhood, hoping to better connect their neighbors.

"We find that where there's a connection with people, that's where there's strength in neighborhoods," said Hiller.

Alderman Russell Stamper

The group planned to apply for the City of Milwaukee's "Alert Neighbor Program," designed to give them money to improve safety features like lighting on homes and garages and surveillance cameras in alleys.

"Cameras are our number one request, besides slowing people down in Milwaukee -- is cameras," said Alderman Russell Stamper.

Alderman Stamper said the effort could deter crime across the city.

"More money on the preventive side, and also more money to help neighbors come together, and work together for their neighborhood," said Stamper.

Any established neighborhood club or group may apply, with the applications prioritized based on drug complaint data from the police department.

"The city program and patrol are both ways for citizens, people in neighborhoods, actual residents, to take control, to the extent they can, of their neighborhoods and form a connection with other residents and hopefully improve the safety of other neighborhoods," said Hiller.

Applications are due June 30. CLICK HERE to learn more.