Group works to end human trafficking in Wisconsin

PEWAUKEE (WITI) -- Human trafficking has become a growing problem -- so large, in fact, that there have been documented cases in all 72 counties in Wisconsin.

Redeem and Restore, a small group in Pewaukee, is working to tackle the issue of such a widespread, serious crime.

"It's happening here and it's happening in Wisconsin," said Krista Hull with the organization. "The traffickers are going after good kids and good families."

The group is hoping to spread the word and inform the public of the problem -- teaching people warning signs and ways young women are preyed upon.

"To let people know, normal people, regular people, to be more aware and hopefully those who are really bothered by it might try to do something," said Hull.

"They're changing their tactics and we, in the general public, need to be more aware," said audience member Tami Butler. "It could happen to anyone."

Restore and Redeem hopes a strong message and a call to action will help stop human trafficking from causing families and young women more pain.

Earlier this week, two men were arrested and charged in Plymouth in connection to human trafficking. The group says it's no surprise and even more reason to help.

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