Group says it has plan for redistricting legislative maps

MILWAUKEE -- A local group says it has a better plan for Wisconsin. The newly drawn legislative maps are being fought over in federal court. A group that calls itself "Citizens for Fair and Competitive Redistricting" says it has a plan to re-draw the boundaries to make everyone happy.

"Half of the districts should lean towards one party, and the other half should lean toward the other party. We ought to have, at least in the Assembly, 20 districts in which they're so close, they're within two percent of the mean. In other words, if we're a 50-50 state, and we have been a 50-50 state, each party has a fighting chance to win those districts," State Rep. Fred Kessler (D-Milwaukee) said.

The group plans to present their version of the map Tuesday.

Last week, in a Texas case, the Supreme Court unanimously rejected maps drawn up by federal judges, and ruled in favor of those drawn up by the state lawmakers.