"Grossology" exhibit: Subjects we don't normally talk about on display at Discovery World!

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- They're subjects we don't typically talk about, but now they're all on display at Discovery World.

"With this exhibit we dive right into it! There`s no shyness," said Discovery World Public Relations Manager Paul Fladten.

"Grossology" opens Saturday, May 16th.

The exhibit features 10 interactive experiences that might make you cringe or chuckle -- from Nigel Nose-It-All who can tell you everything that happens in your nose, to a skin climbing wall.

Grossology exhibit Discovery World

"When you`re climbing the skin wall, you don`t really know what skin looks like up-close with all of those bumps and imperfections, so you kind of really see what things look like and what things are and it`s just a blast," said Fladten.

Our bodies are covered in bacteria and it`s the waste from bacteria that causes us to stink. The Grossology exhibit allows you to test your sense of smell by sniffing different types of bacteria.

There's also a giant "Operation" game and stations that explain how waste or particles exit the body.

Grossology exhibit Discovery World

"The barf machine will actually show you how it operates in your body -- where it starts and where it ends. With the toot machine, you`ll honestly learn why certain gas sounds the way it does," said Fladten.

Grossology exhibit Discovery World

But the exhibit isn't just getting attention from kids.

"I didn`t expect the adult female population to be so into this exhibit. Everyone in our organization -- that`s who's been clamoring around waiting for this to open," said Fladten.

Grossology runs through September 6th.

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Grossology exhibit Discovery World