Grocery worker arrested for allegedly stealing, selling cell phone

MT. PLEASANT (WITI) -- A 20-year-old grocery store worker in Mt. Pleasant was arrested and cited for theft -- for allegedly taking and selling a cell phone on Craigslist.

On December 20th, a Racine resident was shopping at a Mt. Pleasant Pick N Save. After loading her groceries into her vehicle, she realized that her cell phone was missing. She thought she left the phone in her shopping cart, so she went back inside the business to look for it. She did not find her phone.

Later on January 4th, the victim’s husband received a text message from a person asking if he knew of a woman who recently lost her phone. His number was in the stolen phone’s contact list. He responded that his wife’s phone was missing. This person who was in possession of the phone said she purchased it from a guy who was selling it on Craig’s list. She suspected it was a stolen phone and did return the phone to the victim.

The suspect who sold the phone to this citizen was wearing a Pick N Save uniform at the time of sale. After returning the phone to the victim, the citizen gave police this information and other helpful clues. After a short investigation, a suspect was identified. He was arrested, cited and later released from custody.