Greenfield police: 28-year-old man arrested for allegedly driving under influence of fentanyl

GREENFIELD -- A 28-year-old man could face charges of possession of fentanyl and operating a vehicle while under the influence after an incident that happened on Saturday afternoon, May 26.

Greenfield officials say police and fire responded to a report of a 28-year-old male not breathing inside of a vehicle. Their investigation revealed the male was operating the vehicle which was also occupied by his girlfriend and her 15-month-old daughter. Officials say while driving on W. Loomis Rd, the driver was deviating from his lane and began to lose consciousness. His girlfriend apparently had to take control of the wheel and tell her boyfriend to stop for traffic in front of them. Once the vehicle stopped, the driver lost consciousness and reportedly stopped breathing.

Officials say the driver was revived on the scene by Greenfield EMS and was able to speak with officers. He admitted that he ingested what he thought was heroin, and turned over the remaining amount to officers. Preliminary testing revealed the substance to be fentanyl.

The driver was taken into custody and taken to a hospital for treatment before he was taken to the Milwaukee County Jail.