Greenfield barbershop busted for selling counterfeit merchandise

GREENFIELD -- Designer purses and clutches were sold at one Greenfield barbershop for pennies on the dollar, but it turns out, they were fake, and police say the barbershop was a front for illegal activity.

Greenfield Police Department spokesman Sgt. Ray Radakovich says counterfeit goods were being sold at Ultimate Great Kutz, at 51st and Forest Home in Greenfield. The items included fake Gucci and Louis Vuitton purses and clutches.

The Greenfield Police Department made an undercover purchase at the barbershop last week. They were able to get a purse, a clutch and a DVD for a negotiated price of $80.

Then, Greenfield police officials called on a specialist from the Department of Homeland Security, who confirmed that the items were counterfeit.

Monday, April 23rd, police got a search warrant and were able to recover in excess of 1,375 DVDs and a number of bags, clutches and purses. The total take was worth tens of thousands of dollars.

The owner of the barbershop was arrested, and police will recommend charges to the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office Wednesday, April 25th.

FOX6 News spoke with a few barbers at the store Tuesday, April 24th, who agreed to provide information if the cameras were turned off. They said the barbershop is an African-American owned and operated business that's family-friendly. They also said they just rent chairs to cut hair, and have nothing to do with the sale of any of the items inside.

The barbers also said they feel the store was targeted for being a black barbershop in a white neighborhood - a claim police deny. "It was an anonymous tip. Like any tip we've gotten, we followed up on it. If there's illegal activity, we'd enforce it,"Radakovich said.

Radakovich said as for no one inside noticing the illegal activity..."a lay person could have easily told that they were bootleg (DVDs) because The Hunger Games was on the wall.

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