Greenfield Ave. bridge over I-894 reopens to traffic

WEST ALLIS (WITI) -- After six months of construction, the Greenfield Avenue bridge over I-894 and its ramps reopened to traffic on Friday morning, July 19th.

The Greenfield Ave. bridge has been shut down since January.  Department of Transportation Crews demolished the bridge and built a brand new one.  It is opened on time, just before the Wisconsin State Fair.  It made for some very relieved drivers Friday morning.

"I come through here every day.  It's been very hard on our businesses and very hard on our residents. I couldn't be happier that it's opened today," said West Allis Alderman Michael May.

For delivery drivers at Car Quest, located next to the bridge, it means better business.

"It's great.  Our delivery time is cut at least in half, instead of having to go all the way around to get on 92nd and Wisconsin or 84th," said driver Glenn Cutsforth.

The $15 million project is the the first step of an even bigger project -- the six-year, $1.7 billion Zoo interchange reconstruction project.

"We have to build a bigger, longer bridge that when when we come back for the mainline part of the Zoo interchange, we'll be able to expand 894 underneath the bridge," said DOT freeway construction manager Jason Roselle.

The new bridge is wider to be able to handle more traffic, with more off-ramp turn lanes.  But for the next few days, drivers can only turn right from I-894 onto Greenfield Ave.

"Next week, they'll be fully opened where you turn both right or left," said Roselle.

Drivers will also notice more ongoing work along Greenfield Ave.  Crews are forming curbs and gutters on the south side o the road, so traffic lanes have shifted.

The Greenfield Ave. bridge is open just in time for the Bluemound Road construction project, which starts tomorrow.  The intersection of Bluemound Road and Highway 100, as well as traffic west of the intersection, will be shut down for 12 days.  While that is underway, Greenfield Ave. is a suggested detour.

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