Green Bay vs. New York: Green Bay has true hometown feel

GREEN BAY -- When New York Giants' fans arrive in Green Bay later this week for the playoff game against the Green Bay Packers, they will quickly realize how much of a road game this is. For, while both New York and Green Bay both have a "Broadway," only one has a true hometown feel.

Do you think the Russian Tearoom cares how the Giants do? And good luck finding green and gold fur at the Macy's at Herald Square.

"It's definitely not New York. That's for sure! It's not the big city," one Green Bay resident said.

You won't find a Giants team owner hanging outside of a bar, having a smoke.

"We're not anything like Manhattan," one Packers fan playing football in Green Bay Wednesday said. Who needs Central Park, when your city is one big park, where fans imitate their favorite team, right down to the poorest defense.

The big market's smallest market angle will be done to death this week, and one Packers' fan wants none of it. "We're the better team, and we're gonna win," he said Wednesday.

Another fan said: "I don't like New York. I don't like the city, though I've never been there, but I rep Green Bay. Green Bay is my home."