Green Bay Packers raise ticket prices for 2020 season between $1 and $7 per game

GREEN BAY -- The Green Bay Packers announced Thursday plans to raise stadium bowl tickets for the 2020 season. Regular season tickets will increase between $1 and $7 per game, depending on seat location.

Season ticket holders can expect to see invoices in the coming days. A brochure will outline the new pricing and preview the next season's home opponents.

While preseason tickets are roughly half the price as regular season games, Packers fans can expect those tickets to increase between $1 and $6 per game, depending on ticket seating.

“This pricing increase continues our policy of keeping our prices just below the average ticket price in the NFL,” Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy said in a letter enclosed with the brochure. “We feel this continues to provide you an excellent value for the gameday experience at Lambeau Field, while also supporting our partner NFL teams through shared revenue.”

Variable pricing again will be used for preseason and regular-season games. With the increases, tickets in respective areas in 2020 will cost:

    Green and Gold package holders can "Pay as We Play" and register online to lock in special pricing for a possible Wild Card home game.

    Green package holders have the first right of refusal on seat locations for the playoffs and are being asked to commit by Aug. 14. Gold package holders who register by Aug. 14 will be placed in a drawing and, if selected, randomly assigned seats not used by the Green package holders.

    New in the 2020 season, ticket holders will no longer be able to print their tickets at home in an effort to reduce counterfeit tickets. Tickets sold to others can be forwarded electronically or sold through Ticketmaster to be scanned via smartphone upon stadium entry.

    Payment is due to the Packers' ticket office by March 31.