'Great housing, restaurants, schools:' District 5 leaders offer unique tour through Milwaukee's northwest side

MILWAUKEE -- As the City of Milwaukee shines in southeastern Wisconsin, one neighborhood in particular is looking to have part of the spotlight. A local alderwoman is bringing attention to Milwaukee's northwest side and helping nearby residents re-discover a gem that's hidden in plain sight.

With this unique tour, Alderwoman Nikiya Dodd and Municipal Court Judge Derek Mosley are taking a group through Milwaukee's northwest side, immersing themselves in District 5's landmarks.

Tour of District 5

Nikiya Dodd

"I wanted to really expose community members and neighbors to the vibrancy and all of the beautiful neighborhoods and business corridors that we have, and just even really spur for them to actually start to patronize those businesses," said Dodd.

Dodd and Mosley are helping tour participants support and explore the vast district-- and they're highlighting nearly 25 sights along the way. The inaugural tour is part of a journey encouraging family lifestyles and stimulating economic growth.

"See the great housing stock and restaurants and schools that make up this neighborhood," said Mosley.

TDerek Mosley

"We have vacant buildings, and we have buildings that are 40% filled. There is capacity to grow," said Dodd. "I have some investors on the bus today, neighbors and residents who live in the area, and even people who are looking to buy homes."

Mosley has lived in District 5 for 17 years, and he was excited to share his knowledge of the past during the tour. He also shared his goals for the future.

"I want to have it showcased, and have people come in and businesses come in and make it a better place," said Mosley.

Tour of District 5

The local leaders are sharing all the area has to offer in hopes of taking off on Milwaukee's northwest side.

"I'm excited," said Dodd.

Dodd says this guided tour was just the start of showcasing her district, and she's looking forward to highlighting new locations every year.

Tour of District 5