Governor's race: Timing of John Doe documents release questioned

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee County released a third round of John Doe documents on Tuesday, October 21st. This time, it's not necessarily what's inside the 16,000 pages of emails and attachments -- it's the timing that has people talking. Some say the release of the documents is politically motivated.

"The fact that these emails are coming out right now at a time when its two weeks before the election, I think is pretty clear that this is political," said Gov. Scott Walker. "And my hope would be that voters on the bubble would understand and see it for what it is -- which is raw politics on behalf of my opposition."

Republicans are also questioning who's behind the release of the documents -- zeroing in on Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele.

The Republican Party of Wisconsin said in a statement:

"Since Chris Abele has given Mary Burke the maximum amount of money allowed under law, he had to find another way to contribute to Burke's campaign. Voters deserve answers from Abele after this slimy political stunt."

County Executive Abele says in no way was this a political move. He says he is just following the judge's order to release the documents.

"I had nothing to with it. I'm not a lawyer, I'm not qualified to determine what's privileged," said Chris Abele.

Democratic candidate for governor Mary Burke says she's never discussed the release of documents with Abele -- and says the timing of her latest ad was not based around this release.

"The timing is about that people when they go to polls need to consider Gov. Walker`s entire record over the last four years, when looking at the next four years. And part of that not only is it a lagging economy and historic cuts to education, but certainly the scandal around his administration," said Burke.

In response to the release of the John Doe documents, the Republican Party has filed an open records request with Chris Abele's office. They're asking for all written and electronic communication to and from the county executive's office -- as well as phone records -- and the official calendar of the county executive from April 5, 2011 through October 20, 2014.