Governor Walker responds to typo in letter, signed "Thank you and Molotov"

MADISON (AP) — Governor Scott Walker says he doesn't remember sending a letter about a menorah when he was Milwaukee County executive that is signed, "Thank you and Molotov."

Walker said Wednesday, December 10th that likely was a typo. He presumably meant to write "mazel tov" in the undated letter that was addressed to prominent Milwaukee attorney Franklyn Gimbel in response to a request that a menorah be displayed at the courthouse.

The Cap Times first reported on the slip-up.

Walker says he suspects the letter was written around 2003 but he doesn't remember it. The letter was uncovered in the latest batch of documents released in the John Doe investigation.

"Nationally, the media has grown tired with my thumb that's healed up and my bald spot's a little more boring, so they've moved on to other things.  It's just things that people will jump onto.  I've grown accustomed to the fact that nationally there are things people want to twist.  When people hear about it, that it's a letter that's 10 years old, people just kind of roll their eyes," Governor Walker said.

Walker says the letter may have been a draft copy that was never sent.