Governor Scott Walker to talk state budget in 72 county tour

MADISON -- Gov. Scott Walker plans to launch a tour across Wisconsin to gather ideas about what should be prioritized in his next state budget and legislative agenda for next year.

Walker announced his "Talk with Walker Tour'' on Monday, November 26th and also launched a web video discussing it. 

"The five priorities we have are creating jobs, developing our workforce, transforming our education system, continuing to reform government, particularly in the ways we dealt with waste, fraud and abuse and then investing in our infrastructure -- particularly our transportation infrastructure. Over the next several weeks, I'll be traveling the state and meeting with people about these priorities," Gov. Walker said.

The statewide tour is expected to last for a month.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin Democrats say Gov. Walker's priorities are vague, and the whispers of Republicans at the Capitol hint at a right-wing agenda that includes tightening abortion restrictions, eliminating same-day voter registration and downsizing Milwaukee County government.

Gov. Walker says the economic agenda he has outlines is indeed his only agenda. He views all other issues as secondary.

"In terms of those other items, it doesn't mean they're not important, but those aren't included in our priorities. Those, presumably, if they come up at all, will come up later in the legislative session," Gov. Walker said.

The next legislative session starts in January. Walker will introduce the next two-year budget in February.