Gov. Walker visits FOX6, weighs in on issues affecting Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Gov. Walker joined FOX6 WakeUp News on Friday, January 31st to weigh in on the issues affecting Wisconsin in 2014.

Gov. Walker talked about the search for solutions on the propane shortage in Wisconsin. He had a few moments to address the issue with President Obama during his visit on Thursday, January 30th.

Gov. Walker also addressed his Blueprint for Prosperity -- and how it may impact Wisconsin residents in the coming months. He says there will be significant savings for families in Wisconsin.

When asked about the issue of the proposed Kenosha casino, Gov. Walker talked about a decision is coming -- but he and his administration are thinking through this thoughtfully. He says he has a year-and-a-half to come to a decision -- and that process began in August 2013.

The governor's visit to FOX6 comes a week after he delivered his annual State of the State Address at the State Capitol. The tone of that speech was optimistic. He made the case that his hard-fought and highly controversial budget reforms are working — and now, he says the numbers prove it.