Gov. Walker, Trace-A-Matic announce 35 new jobs

BROOKFIELD -- Gov. Scott Walker announced Thursday, April 19th that Trace-A-Matic in Brookfield is eligible for $300,000 in tax credits through the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. That money will be used to create up to 35 jobs related to the company's expansion.

Trace-A-Matic is a machine shop specializing in short-run as well as high-production CNC machining. It specializes in CNC milling and turning and cylindrical grinding.

"There's higher demand for mining products, demand for oil and gas products. Pretty much all our customers in the marketplace are busier and need more machining, so it's perfect for us," Trace-A-Matic President Thorsten Wienss said.

The new positions range from entry-level machine operators to highly-skilled technical machinists.  Hiring started in December and will continue in the coming months.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker made the jobs announcement Thursday morning at Trace-A-Matic in Brookfield.

"While we'd certainly love to have 1,000 to 2,000 jobs at a time. The reality is jobs will come to this state at 15, 20, 30 at a time, and they'll come from small and midsized employers overwhelmingly all across the state.  We have to do all we can to make it easier to create jobs," Gov. Walker said.

This jobs announcement in Brookfield comes just after another big announcement was made Wednesday, April 18th in Oconomowoc. Gov. Scott Walker revealed on Wednesday that 21 projects across the state will receive tax credits from Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA).

Gov. Walker says those tax credits amount to about $12.6 million and will be used to jumpstart affordable housing projects. The money will be used for 21 housing developments across the state – including turning a former Oconomowoc high school into 55 low-cost apartments.

The governor says the tax credits will help create over 1,800 jobs in construction and construction-related services statewide.

“A project that not only makes affordable housing in the 21 communities in which these projects will be a part of, but obviously provides us more than 1,800 jobs in construction and construction-related services. That, for us, is a good investment,” Walker said.

Several cities, including Milwaukee, Waukesha, Caledonia and Twin Lakes will see money through this program.

Walker says both announcements this week will help his goal of creating 250,000 jobs by 2015.  He acknowledged he's not there yet, but says his administration is on a steady path.

"When Vince Lombardi took over the Green Bay Packers, they were 1-10-1.  They didn't get to the championship the next year.  We're going to have ups and downs along the way.  My hope is we can continue to keep unemployment at or below seven percent.  I think that's a good sign," Walker said.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin released a statement Thursday, saying: "Last year, Wisconsin lead the nation in job loss under Scott Walker. All he has to offer are slogans, press conferences and dishonest distortions about his historic record of job loss."

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