Gov. Walker tours new Bradley Corp. plant, touts economic reforms

GERMANTOWN -- Gov. Scott Walker says Wisconsin's manufacturing industry will lead the state's economy recovery. Walker toured Bradley Corp.'s new plant in Germantown on Monday, July 2nd, and Bradley Corp.'s CEO praised Walker's policies.

Bradley Corp.'s new plant in Germantown will be the workplace of 100 employees. The company manufactures restroom equipment, like sinks and stalls used by Summerfest, in airports and in locker rooms.

Bradley's CEO Donald Mullett says the new factory wouldn't have been built without Gov. Walker's business-friendly agenda.

Mullett is a fourth-generation family owner of Bradley and says Gov. Walker's administration and Walker's reforms helped the company meet the construction deadline.

"This is an example of how we changed the mindset and approach to the state of Wisconsin," Gov. Walker said.

Some critics see Walker's policies as helping corporate executives but hurting the "Average Joe."

"If he is for corporate America, he's giving to the business owners who are giving back to us," Bradley Corp. employee Brian Krassman said.

Krassman -- a laser operator in Bradley's fabrication department. He says Gov. Walker's message is starting to win him over, along with some other blue collar workers.

"Right now, we're very, very busy, with a lot of overtime, so when those corporate officers and business owners get those breaks, I think it also benefits us as employees keeping us working," Krassman said.

Democratic state Senator Chris Larson (Milwaukee) pointed out Gov. Walker's economic plan hasn't yet yielded the promised results.

"Wisconsin has the worst job record in the Midwest. We're in the bottom five of the entire country," Larson said.

Larson said Gov. Walker should call the Legislature back into a special session to work on jobs. Gov. Walker has indicated that's unlikely this summer.

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